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Binge – Entertainment Made Endless

  • What is Binge?

    Binge is an online video streaming OTT (Over-the-top) platform that offers endless entertainment in the form of Live TV, web series, films, dramas, movies, Binge Exclusive Originals and much more! At Binge, we truly believe in providing a truly seamless entertainment experience to you. Watch as much as you want, whenever you want, without a single commercial! There is always something new to discover in the world of Binge!

  • What services/ benefits are included in Binge?

    Currently, the services offered under Binge can be enjoyed by purchasing a Binge-branded Android™ Smart device from Robi Sheba/Airtel Care Centers. In the world of Binge, select and enjoy your favorite series, movies, drama, video content, both local and international.  Enjoy Live TV feature to relish on your favorite TV channel, with your friends and family. At Binge, we believe in bringing the best content from all video platforms, right at your fingertips.

  • How can you avail/purchase Binge service/device?

    ​​​​​​For Large Screen:

    To enjoy Binge services, you need to have a TV with HDMI port and a Broadband connection with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

    For Small Screen:

    • Visit Google Play Store from your Android Mobile
    • Type ‘Binge’ in the search bar and click on the search button.
    • Select ‘Binge’ App from the displayed list.
    • Install the App in your mobile device.
    • For registration, enter your active mobile number (any mobile operator) that you are currently using.
    • Select ‘LOGIN’ option upon which you will receive an OTP (one-time password) with 8 digits via SMS. Insert the OTP in order to complete the registration process.
    • Select ‘NEXT’ option and start Binging!

    You can enjoy Binge services by simply downloading the Binge App from Google Play Store. After successful registration, you can enjoy all our contents (from a selective list). You can enjoy all our premium content by subscribing to any package plan.

    • If you are an on-net user, you can use DOB and Payment gateway option for subscription.
    • If you are an off-net user, you can use Payment getaway option for subscribing to any available pack.
  • What is the price of Binge Device?

    Regular price is 4999/-. But now promotional price is only 3999/-.

  • What are the Binge subscription package plans?

    For Large Screen

    • TK 399 (only subscription), inclusive of VAT
  • What type of content is available on Binge?

    Binge brings to you a wide variety of contents from: Live TV, web series, films, dramas, local and international movies, Video-On-Demand to Binge Exclusive Originals. Just name it- we have it all!

  • Is Binge available outside of Bangladesh?

    Binge is currently available for viewers in Bangladesh. Stay tuned and we will surprise you when we are available in your country!

  • How much speed do I need to have to watch a movie or Live TV using Binge device?

    To enjoy the best video streaming experience, we recommend you use a 5Mbps, dedicated broadband connection.

  • On what mobile device is Binge available?

    The Binge Android application is currently available on all Android devices (minimum android version 6 and above).

  • On what devices (mobile) is Binge available?

    The Binge application is currently available on all Android devices (minimum android version 6 and above) and iPhones (minimum iOS version 12 and above) and Binge website can be used from any mobile or desktop based browser. And Binge is available for all the users.

  • How do I register for Binge?

    To register for Binge, follow this process:

    • Select Binge App (From Home Page), after successful installation.
    • Select User Login option (Mobile Number)
    • Enter your active mobile number (the phone number that you used to purchase Binge is now your Binge ID) in the App.
    • You will receive an OTP (One-time password) in your Binge ID. Enter the OTP code and select ‘Next’.
    • Now share some additional information:
    1. Alternate contact number
    2. Area
    3. ISP name
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions
    • Update your personal information:
    1. Name
    2. Gender
    3. Date of Birth
    • Select your genre (you can choose to skip this step) and start Binge-ing!
  • How can I subscribe the package plan?

    You can subscribe to Binge using the In-App online payment feature, using a few simple steps:

    • Select ‘SUBSCRIPTION’ option from the left panel.
    • Select your desired package plan (Monthly Subscription).
    • Scan the QR code with your mobile or tap ‘Go to link’, to continue with your payment process.
    • Select your payment method from port wallet (Card/Mobile Banking/Net Banking).
    • Fill up the necessary displayed information on the screen.
    • Upon completing the information fill up, you will receive an OTP (One-time-password).
    • Enter the OTP & click submit.
    • Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to Binge! You will receive your confirmation via SMS.
  • How can I pay for Binge, for small screen?

    For small screen we have:

    • Direct Operator Billing (DOB): For Robi and Airtel users.
    • Data Bundling: Robi and Airtel (will be available soon)
    • Payment Gateway (Any Debit/Credit Card, MFS, etc.): Applicable for any net.

    Payment Process:

    • Go to ‘Menu’ option
    • Select ‘Subscription
    • Select your ‘Package Plan’ (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
    • Select ‘Payment Type’ (Online Payment or Mobile Balance)
    • Select ‘Pay Now’.

    For Online Payment:

    • Select ‘Online Payment’ option
    • Select Credit or Debit Card or MFS
    • Fill up your Card details (Name, Card number etc.)
    • Select ‘Apply’.
  • Can I subscribe through USSD?

    Sorry. Binge subscription can’t be done using any USSD.

  • How do I Unsubscribe?

    ​​​​​​For Large Screen:

    There is no unsubscribe option, you will be able to enjoy Binge till the validity of the subscription.

    For Small Screen:

    Please follow these easy steps:


    And, you can subscribe anytime to Binge!

  • Once the device is registered, how can I change the Gmail address?

    ​​​​​​To change your Gmail Account:

    Settings> Accounts & Sign in> Select the Gmail account you want you remove> Remove account

    To add new account: Settings> Accounts & Sign in> Add account

  • How do I connect my Binge Device?

    ​​​​​​To connect and set up your Binge Device:

    • Connect one end of the HDMI Cable to the TV Dongle and the other end to the HDMI Port of the TV.
    • Now connect one end of the USB Cable to TV Dongle and the other end to USB Port of the TV/ to the Power Adapter provided. (please refer to the user manual for details)
    • After connecting the device to the TVs HDMI port, please select HDMI mode from your TV’s settings. The number of the HDMI mode (HDMI-1, HDMI-2, etc) could vary (based on the brand of the TV and model). Select the mode that is applicable for your TV.
    • Press the INPUT or SOURCE button on your TV remote to access the TV’s input selection menu.

    To pair the Bluetooth Remote and TV Dongle:

    • The TV Dongle needs to be powered “ON” for pairing. Press the RESET Button to enter “pairing mode”.
    • Place the Bluetooth Remote within 30cm of the TV Dongle. Now, press and hold both and HOLD buttons simultaneously, until the LED indicator flashes quickly. This indicates the Bluetooth Remote has entered “pairing mode”.
    • Refer to HOME/SETTINGS/Wi-Fi to enable wireless networks and set up a connection with your local Wi-Fi. For better Wi-Fi connection keep the router near to the TV dongle.
    • Enter your Gmail ID & Password.
    • Select the Binge App and input your registered phone number (MSISDN) and OTP.
  • How do I understand which cable to connect where?

    Please follow our Instruction Guide Manual, provided in the Binge Box. If you require any further help, please call us on our Binge hotline at +8801841024643.

  • What is the serial number of my Binge device?

    The serial number of your Binge device is provided on the sticker placed on the opposite side of your Binge device.

  • How do I logout?

    ​​​​​​For Large Screen:

    To Logout from your Binge account:

    • Go to all Apps and select Binge
    • From options clear all data
    • Come back to the Binge App, you will be logged out.

    For Small Screen:

    • Click menu option from the App
    • Select logout option. A logout prompt will appear.
    • To logout, select YES. Please note that you will be logged out from the App and you need to register again using your mobile number. If you want to continue, select ‘yes I’m fine’ option.
  • What is auto renewal for small screen? What is the process for Binge for auto renewal?

    Auto renewal is an option to automatically renew your selected plan at the end of every cycle.

    All our mobile packs will be auto renewed after the end of its validity period. This automatic auto renewal will be only applicable for a net user if they purchase using DOB.

  • How to stop auto renewal for my small screen?

    A Binge user needs to unsubscribe the service to stop auto renewal since this feature is currently unavailable.  

  • Are there any additional fees associated with the subscription fee?

    • For Large Screen: All Inclusive
    • For Small Screen: Binge charges for the mentioned subscription fees is non-inclusive of VAT+SD+SC.
  • How many devices can I log into the same account to watch Binge?

    Every Binge device creates a unique account, so you can use one Binge device for one account.

  • Can I create a shared account on Binge?

    If you purchase a Large Screen (TV) Binge account, you can enjoy the Small Screen (Mobile) for free! As of now, there is no option to share account on Large Screen (TV). Multiple/shared account feature is not available in Binge for small screen (mobile).

  • Can we use Binge device in TVs with CRT port?

    We are sorry to inform you that as of now, we cannot use Binge device in TVs with CRT port.

  • Can I watch videos on TV with Chromecast ?

    Yes, Binge Mobile App is Chromecast feature enabled. If you have a Chromecast device at your home, you can connect it to your Chromecast supported TV and enable the Chromecast feature from your Binge App.

  • What is catch-up TV? How can I play a TV show that I missed? Is catch-up TV available in Binge?

    The catch- up TV allows you to play back any TV show, if it is available from the channel you are watching. Currently, the catch-up TV feature not available in Binge. However, this feature will be added very soon!

  • Does Binge have content for my kids/children?

    Yes!  Get ready for fun, adventure and loads of learning with the best animated Kids’ content with your little one, only on Binge!

  • Where can I see the Genre?

    For Large Screen:

    You can find the genre of each content on Binge in the content detail description. It is visible when you open the content. Binge also offers you to search for contents of your favorite genre! Simply type the genre in the search bar and all the contents of that genre in our platform will appear for you to enjoy.

    For Small Screen:

    Currently, this feature is not available. We are going to have this feature very soon!

  • How can I check my usage history for small screen?

    Go to menu and select usage history option. You can easily view your usage history over there.

  • Where do I get the Program Guide of a channel?

    This feature is currently unavailable on Binge.

  • How can I set my favorites (small screen)?

    You can select any content and add it to “My list” to set it as your favorite.

  • How can I remove from the list?

    For mobile app go to my favorites and select remove option.

  • How do I set a show reminder?

    Sorry, there isn’t a show reminder feature on Binge currently.

  • How can I add break time when browsing from small screen?

    Go to usage history and select set break time option then set your break time and click done button

    • Go to ‘Menu’ option from the bottom panel
    • Select ‘Usage History’
    • Select ‘SET BREAK TIME’
    • Set your break time and select ‘DONE’ then ‘OK’

    After doing this, you will receive a reminder notification to take a break.

  • Where do I get the program guide of a channel?

    This feature is currently not available. Stay tuned!

  • Where I can find Parental control?

    For Binge Mobile App, to enable Parental control and hide all 18+ contents:

    • Go to ‘MENU’ option
    • Select ‘Parental Lock’
    • Select ‘Next’ option
    • Set your parental lock PIN
    • Submit your verification code that you have received via SMS
    • Input the code number and select ‘Next’.

    Please note that in continue watch section 18+ content still may appear but those content will not play. You can view 18+ contents again by disabling this feature.

    For large screen

    You will find Parental control under settings section.

    Please note that in continue watch section 18+ content still may appear but those content will not play.You can view 18+ contents again by disabling this feature.

  • How do I reset PIN of Parental Lock?

    1. Go to ‘MENU’ option
    2. Select ‘Parental Lock’ then select ’Forgot PIN’
    3. Input your new PIN
    4. You will get verification code via SMS
    5. Input the code and reset the PIN.
  • I have a missing item in my Binge Box, what should I do?

    We would strongly advise you to please check your Binge Box at the purchase point, before leaving, to avoid any discrepancies.

  • I cannot turn on the power of my Binge Box, what should I do?

    Please check your USB power cable to know whether it is working or not. Try connecting it properly to the power supply. If the problem persists, please contact your local ISP or Binge hotline number +8801841024643.

  • Why I am facing video playback issues on my TV?

    Please check your internet connection, in case of a video playback issue. For further help, please  dail on  Binge hotline number at +880-1841024643.

  • My videos are buffering for large screen, what should I do?

    Video buffering can occur due to many reasons. It primarily depends on your device (TV/handset) or adapter and your internet connection speed. Please contact your local ISP or Binge hotline number +8801841024643, if the problem continues.

  • My TV switches on automatically, what should I do?

    • Go to settings (in Binge device), followed by the settings of your TV.
    • Check 'power key definition' and select 'shut down' radio button.
    • Switch off your TV, it shouldn't automatically turn on.
  • Where do I post comments, queries, complaints, suggestions or and ideas for Binge?

    We would love to hear from you! For any feedback please contact our:

  • How can I share my Feedback?

    At Binge, we are constantly trying to serve you better. For any feedback, you can share them on our website, the Binge App or contact us on our Binge hotline number.

    Binge website feedback submission process:

    • Go to our website:
    • Select ‘Login’ option
    • Enter your active mobile number (if you are a Binge user kindly share Binge ID here)
    • Input your OTP and click ‘verify’ option
    • Select ‘Feedback’ option from top panel
    • Select ‘+CREATE NEW’
    • Select your problem category (from the drop down)
    • Enter your name
    • Share your query/request/complaints
    • Select ‘Create’ option (from the bottom) to submit your feedback
    • You will receive a confirmation SMS.

    Binge mobile App feedback submission process:

    • Go to ‘Menu’ option
    • Select ‘All Complaints’
    • Select ‘+’ option (right from the top)
    • Select your problem type
    • Share your active mobile number
    • And share your query/request/complaints
    • Select ‘Submit’ option
    • You will be received a confirmation SMS.
  • How can I directly talk to someone for support?

    You can receive our support via Binge Facebook Page, website or Binge hotline number at +8801841024643<BINGE>.

  • What is your call center / helpline number?

    To provide a seamless experience, the Binge hotline +8801841024643, is available for you 24/7.